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Mortimers Woodturning & Patternmaking

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Unit 3, Oakhurst Park,The Levels, Breton
WS15 1RD

Tel:01889 578838
Fax:01889 578838



Bob Mortimer started woodturning in 1965, you might sat it's been his life ever since. He qualified as an Engineer's Pattenmaker before emigrating in 1973, working extensively in the furniture trade and teaching woodworking classes.

Since returning to the UK in 1995, Bob has acrried out specialist woodturning services for a wide variety of trades and individuals, turning everything from a 12 foot architectural column - to a cabinet knob.

Operating from substancial premises in the midlands, Mortimers combine traditional woodturning techniques with the latest technology and a wealth of invaluable experience to provide an exceptional service whatever your requirement.