Our membership is listed below along with contact details and the type of work that each produces.

What are the advantages of buying turned and shaped components from a member of the BWTA?


Personal relationship/partnership & ease of communication.

Ability to respond quickly to specification and designs changes.

Production of distinct bespoke designs.

Smaller order/batch sizes leading to lower stock holding.

Shorter lead times for delivery.

Assistance with the design/development of new products.

Improved cash flow management and working capital

Minimal documentation leading to reduced management time

No currency fluctuations.

Retention of the craft skills in the UK so these are available in future

Associate Members


We would like to thank all of our Associate Members who support us, without which the operation of this website would not be possible. If your company is involved in the woodworking supply industry and you would like to join the BWTA as an associate member please Visit our contact page for more information