Spindlewood Wood Turning

The Old Bakery, 8 Edward Street

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Spindlewood Woodturning was established in 1981 and is based in the West Country. The fully equipped workshop now supplies firms all over Europe and the USA. With such woodturning experience the company has developed an unrivalled portfolio of designs, all of which would enhance any architectural project. The portfolio is based on traditional designs – but made more versatile with modern day skills. The company has vast experience in dealing with architects, project managers, builders and conservationists. Copy lathes, barley twist machines and other sophisticated woodworking machinery now replace most of the hand turning skill for volume work. We do, however, employ very experienced staff to hand turn to individual requirements and have developed a reputation for quality, speed and competitive pricing. Specialist woodturning offers a vast array of exciting possibilities so if you would like to discuss your own ideas with us, contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Contact: Jonathan Dethier Speciality in high quality spindles, newels etc, in Oak in fluted form or barley twist. Our main speciality is in the very large turnery up to 6meters long i.e. columns, pillars, masts etc. with a possibility to in the future extend this to 9 meters!!!! We can flute these sizes.
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